Fear and Fury: and the culture of Impunity

–John Tripura

Whether it’s corporate crime, police homicide, or sexual assault, the issue is the same: Does the law apply to everyone in Bangladesh? One of the themes running through our own recent history is that cultures of impunity are also one of the major problems of Bangladesh. The recent incident murdering a student leader Afsana, once more, highlights a culture of impunity that exists in the legal system in Bangladesh, which is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the culture of impunity in Bangladesh is linked both to political leanings and religious beliefs. The police have not been held to account for unjustified killings in minority communities as well. Continue reading “Fear and Fury: and the culture of Impunity”

Multilingual Primary Education: Of Hope and Despair

Bablu Chakma & John Tripura 

Indigenous peoples around the world have been observing International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 9th August since the UN General Assembly proclaimed it in December 1994. Every year the UN selects a theme focusing on different imperative issues facing indigenous peoples around the world. Continue reading “Multilingual Primary Education: Of Hope and Despair”