Survival threat in CHT

–John Tripura

The CHT is an only extensive hilly area in Bangladesh, comprises a total area of 5,093 sqm. miles with around 1.6 million populations (as per census 2011) and is covered with hills, forests, rivers, lake, natural waterfalls and other natural resources including enriched jungles. This panoramic scenario, landscape, and diversity all the more attract the tourists to visit the CHT region. By taking the advantage of panoramic beauty of region, in recent years, the Government of Bangladesh has undertaken an initiative to set up tourist spots elsewhere mainly through Bangladesh military forces and private sector ignoring the special administrative system of CHT and traditional tribal-inhabited feature of the region and without considering impact on environment and biodiversity and lifestyles of the indigenous peoples of the area. Continue reading “Survival threat in CHT”

International Women’s Day and the situation of Indigenous women in Bangladesh

–John Tripura

As every year the 8 March is observed internationally as International Women’s Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day since in the early 1900’s. This day is celebrated for the achievement of women regarding social, economic, cultural and political rights. And Bangladesh is also observing the day with respectfully since its inception as an independent country. I pay my tribute to those braved women who have had paid their life for establishing an equality society. The feminist movement in Bangladesh is also growing with the spirit to eradicate all forms of discrimination and to establish an egalitarian society. Continue reading “International Women’s Day and the situation of Indigenous women in Bangladesh”

Don’t take away my voice from me

–John Tripura

Dear all my beloved CHT Jumma peoples

I don’t know how to begin by letter to you all. Okey, let me start by reminding you who am I. Dear all my beloved Jumma peoples of CHT, my hill women federation leaders, and my family members. I am Kalpana Chakma hope you all remember me and maybe some of you have already forgotten me and many of you were not born in that time, the night that I have been abducted 20 years back by the Military forces under the leadership of Leftenant Fardus from my home. I was only 23 years old and only started to see the world along with the struggles of my motherland CHT. Continue reading “Don’t take away my voice from me”

Secular Bangladesh and Fundamentalism

–John Tripura

In 1971 during the liberation period, the Bangladeshi people’s has fought against the Pak-occupation Army and got the independent by shedding million of the blood of men and women. Even after 45 years of independent the people’s of Bangladesh are not freed yet. I feel very proud when I see the constitution of my country Bangladesh “Pledging that the high ideals of nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism” and we say this are the fundamental principles of our Constitution. Continue reading “Secular Bangladesh and Fundamentalism”

Multilingual Primary Education: Of Hope and Despair

Bablu Chakma & John Tripura 

Indigenous peoples around the world have been observing International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 9th August since the UN General Assembly proclaimed it in December 1994. Every year the UN selects a theme focusing on different imperative issues facing indigenous peoples around the world. Continue reading “Multilingual Primary Education: Of Hope and Despair”